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General Contracting

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”

-Winston Churchill

In conjunction with it’s design/build operation Ecostruct has been providing luxury general contracting services to the Tri-State area for nearly 4 years while it’s principles have been providing the same for over 75 years.  As our motto suggests, we attempt to create an enjoyable and fluid environment for both our construction teams and our clients during the development process while maintaining a progressively sustainable operation.  It is our belief that no project should be constructed without its impact on the surrounding environment in mind.  Be it sourcing local materials or creating a more efficient workspace, Ecostruct is driven to not only ensure the aesthetics of your project but its efficient energy use as well.  Our general contracting services include but are not limited to the following:

*Interior/Exterior Demolition

*Rough and Finish Carpentry

*Drywall Installation and Repair

*Painting and Plastering

*Door, Window and Hardware Installation

*Facade Installation or Improvement

*Masonry and Tile Installation and Repair

*Plumbing and Electrical Installation and Updating

*Furniture and Custom Fabrication

*Flooring Installation and Repair