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“Good design is obvious.  Great design is transparent.”

-Joe Sparano

Ecostruct’s primary area of function is its design/build operation.  From residential apartments and townhomes to luxury condominiums and communities, we provide design, building and consultation services from the nascent stages of a project’s development through it’s maturity.  These services include, but are not limited to:

*Project Financing & Debt Structuring Assistance

*Structural and Mechanical Engineering

*Architectural Design Services

*LEED Certification

*Project Management

*Construction Management

*General Contracting

*Property Renovation

*Property Management

Ecostruct is also a leading provider of design/build services to properties in both the retail and hospitality industries, offering the same services listed above but in a commercial application.

Our goal at Ecostruct is to provide our clients the most cutting edge design and building services available while maintaining a constant line of communication between all project related entities to guarantee a timely and efficient project completion.  Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end there, however, but rather continues for a full 12 months to ensure the project was completed to the satisfaction of all parties.