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Energy Auditing

“If the average existing building were a man, he’d weigh about 1,500 pounds, be a heavy smoker and walk with a bad limp.”


Energy efficient contracting (a.k.a. Green Building) is quite possibly the most important and, undoubtedly, most progressive aspect influencing the construction industry and the built environment today.  The federal government and state and local governments alike are finally coming around to this and offering homeowners and developers substantial incentives to build sustainably.  Now is definitely the time to take advantage of these offers to make your home or building as efficient as possible. 

Ecostruct was conceived based on the concept that all development and construction should, by all rights, be approached sustainably.  This way of thinking defines the structure of our operations and all aspects of our process flow.  The sustainable design and construction of a project helps improve it’s quality and durability and boosts the health and quality of life of its inhabitants.  Certified by both the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and the Leadership for Energy Efficient Design (LEED), Ecostruct offers whole-building analyses for any and all property types.  Be it a built-in bookcase to complement your apartment renovation or a new construction luxury boutique hotel development, Ecostruct’s energy assessment department will ensure that your project is eligible for all applicable energy rebates and incentives and developed overall with sustainability in mind.  Ecostruct provides energy assessment services to all building types, including, but not limited to, those listed below:

Residential (New Construction & Renovation):

*Condo, Coop or Rental

*Single-Family Townhome

*Multi-Family Townhome

*Multi-Family High Rise

Commercial (New Construction & Renovation):

*Restaurant, Hotel, Motel, Bar, etc.